Time. Fail.

Being an arty type person, I’m often involved in many projects and goings on. While this is great, there is one slight downside.

I never have time to develop my own sites.

Many would say that this is a good thing, as you’re making a mark in the world, helping people out, and sometimes making a bob or two from it. But it’s also bad as it could paint a bad impression if someone visits your site expecting greatness from word of mouth, only to find a really outdated pile of tosh.

Of course, this could come under all those other things that we’re supposed to do, like doing the accounts, filing Important Papers, and eating, that all require a good balance to effectively manage yourself.

Still, at least I don’t litter my sites with jargon that dates as quickly as it’s written. Terms as “Welcome to my new site”, “This site is better” or “New and improved site coming soon” don’t seem to have the same appeal when you realise it’s on a site that’s 5 years old.

Ah well, back to the photos..

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