Exabytes of Temporary Files?

My poor computer at work. I put it through so much, what with being an arty person. The latest attempt at it trying to go to the big Recycle Bin in the sky was met with me trying out Windows Live OneCare, an online utility to check your system over for optimal performance.

After the day it took to fully scan my system, it came up with a strange number, to which has puzzled me somewhat. Supposedly there were a staggering amount of temporary files. Specifically 10515335646592.4 MB of files.

Now, I’m no mathmetician, but 10515335646592.4 mb equates to over ten billion gigabytes or 10 exabytes. Now given that just one gigabyte is pretty large, that’s a lot of files. Quite how that many managed to fit onto my machine’s 80gb hard drive is nothing short of astounding. It could be something to do with that bad sector which could actually be a rip in reality allowing access to alien storage only rivalled by the starship Enterprise’s computer..

Or it could simply be a glitch on the website, or my computer becoming senile. Either way, best not take any chances, I’ll be getting the hammer out soon.

So many megabytes of temporary files!

So many megabytes of temporary files!

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