Comic Relief – Hair Gone Day

Quiff - it big.

A very big and silly quiff.

For the past two Sport Reliefs I’ve run alongside lots of people to raise money for the charity, and fun it has been. Last year, after I ran 3 miles in Christchurch Park in Ipswich, I wondered if there would be anything interesting I could do for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, the bi-annual event that alternates with it’s sporty counterpart..

Comic Relief is a UK charity created by Richard Curtis and Alexander Mendis in 1985, that helps people in Africa and in Britain, and has raised over £650 million since it began. The flagship of the charity is Red Nose Day, which inspires the public of Britain to do all sorts of silly things to raise money, such as dressing up as gorillas at work, sponsored silences, home made cake sale, or the classic sitting in a bath of beans.

So, I pondered what I could do to raise money. I was in the hairdressers one day, talking to Jemma (always a pleasure), and for a laugh I suggested I could have all my hair shaved off, as it often vexes me with it’s unpredictability, and tendancy to make me utter such obscenities when styling it that wouldn’t be out of place in a red neck bar..
Jemma seemed to go with it (or at least was very good at feigning an interest), so I thought let’s go one further and make it worthwhile, and grow it out in the run up. And with just a few days to go, I have a rather silly mop of hair that is driving me a little potty, which looks like a dodgy seventies porn star hair style.

All this minor irritation is nothing however compared to the folk who benefit from all this fund raising. I’m well aware how lucky I am to live in a situation where I can help others.
On Friday March 18th, I will be going down to grade 1, which I have never done before, and thanks to a ‘accidental grade 3’ incident back in ’99, I will look rather scary and odd for a while. I have a supply of hats and wigs to tide me over this time, which probably won’t help my image much.

So, sponsor me please, and help some people: My Sponsor Page
So far I’ve raised £110, so thank you those who have donated. You’re great. Much love.

I will report back with the results. It’s going to be wrong. So wrong.

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