Hair Gone! Hair Gone!

A Chilling Vision of Things to Come..

A Chilling Vision of Things to Come..

A few days have passed since Hair Off Day, and I can safely say that the whole experience has been a fantastic success. Considering that I’m just a guy (a curious guy admittedly), and my hair wasn’t particularly that long, getting my hair shaved off generated a surprisingly large amount of interest.

Maybe it was part credit to the Red Nose Day website and it’s connections with Twitter and Facebook, using today’s ways of social networking to generate a buzz and simplicity of donating, which I think was really effective. Or maybe it was simply that all my friends, family, well wishers and co-workers just wanted to see me bald.

Thanks to Hannah at Hocleys in Ipswich, my silly quiff was cast off, after a year of cultivating and nurturing (and far too much hair product), leaving a shiny bonce in it’s place. In a feat of mild bravery I decided to go further than grade 1 down to nothing (but not a wet shave, as my skin is more sensitive than a tattoo on your wotsits), as I thought it would add more impact. It certainly did the job, as I managed to raise an immense £450! An impressive feat for a something I’ll be doing regularly in a couple of decades time..

The downside of all this merriment is that I have to live with a bald head for a while until it grows back. It’s kind of interesting though, I don’t have to bother with all the hair product, or worry about Hat Hair.

So, in conclusion, I look ridiculous, but with the help of many people, we raised lots of money for Comic Relief, to help people in Africa and the UK who lead impossibly difficult lives. Thank you!

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