Stuart & Helen’s Wedding


Helen & Stuart were wed back in October, and I was lucky enough to capture it on camera. It had all the hallmarks of my favourite sort of weddings – fantastic couple, wonderful guests, good locations, and a really relaxed atmosphere. Plus some fabulous outfits to boot!

HelenAndStuartsWedding-075I was the photographer at Helen’s brother’s wedding in the summer, so I was already part of the furniture with half the party. Stuart and his bunch were just as much a delight, they certainly looked the part in their historical outfits. Rather than reenact historical events as he usually takes part in, this day was rooted firmly in the present, with Helen making a most beautiful and elegant bride, complimented by her daughter who was a little princess, and definitely loved the attention! Helen’s son also dressed to impressed, matching Stuart in World War I attire.

This was a three stage wedding – registry office, church blessing and reception. Lots of fun, as different locations divide the day up and provide plenty of variety for photos. After a lovely service courtesy of Jenny, Helen & Stuart walked down their second aisle of the day for more photos, followed by tea and cake, a most welcome treat for a photographer! One of my favourite shots was of he kiddies all enjoying their coffee, though I’m not sure if they needed any more stimulants, they were bouncing off the walls to start with..

HelenAndStuartsWedding-203Our final location was Greshams on the outskirts of Ipswich. Scott made sure the evening went smoothly, and was a most welcome advisor when we were getting some shots under the magnificent weeping willow. The garden with its pagoda also made for some charming group shots.

I love seeing how wedding couples decorate the tables. Helen and Stuart enlisted Paul & Colin to this task. Little milk bottles and jars, with custom made name tags for everyone. Brilliant. The kiddies’ jars were also filled with sweets, much to the envy of the adults. Little blackboards were used for games like noughts and crosses, a sweet idea to keep the guests busy between courses. Top marks!

HelenAndStuartsWedding-234Something I’ve never seen before at a wedding are children doing the speeches. Helen’s kiddies had a turn each, sending their audience into fits of giggles, revelling in all the attention. They continued their dominance by being the centre of the attention on the dancefloor. Helen and Stuart soon regained control with the cake cutting. Continuing the World War I theme, the cake was decorated with big beautiful poppies.

Overall, great day. Was lovely to join in with this bunch, Helen and Stuart were wonderful to work with (although it didn’t feel like work), and the reanactment theme topped it off magnificently.


Congratulations Stuart & Helen! If you know them, ask either them or myself for the password to their gallery.

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