I am an imaginative and creative type person, who takes photos and draws cartoons, with design of the graphic and web variety.

Birks with Beard

April 2009. Grew a beard. It was bushy.

Originally from Chesterfield in Derbyshire, I have been spreading the love/madness in Ipswich, UK since 1995. Studying at Suffolk College, I have a degree in Design Communications, which hasn’t gone to waste.

My day job is at WNS Assistance, a claims handling service provider.
Here I am the arty person, being involved in all sorts of graphic and web design, even including the photography for company events, such as drunken Christmas parties. For this I have nearly been fired on numerous occasions.

I have also been involved in other pursuits, as a freelance cartoonist clients have ranged from large financial services companies, to magazines, and bands.
As a photographer I have been involved with many weddings, portraits and events, with work published in magazines and the BBC website.

Outside of work, I live in the down to earth county of Suffolk; have a lovely big network of friends and family; likes ales, stouts and red wine; goes to the gym, yet yields to the chocolate; am a gadget junkie; I dance like a nutter to indie, rock and dance music; and have a white van, and sometimes a beard, yet I scream like a girl in comical fashion when inappropriate.