Comic Relief – Hair Gone Day

For the past two Sport Reliefs I’ve run alongside lots of people to raise money for the charity, and fun it has been. Last year, after I ran 3 miles in Christchurch Park in Ipswich, I wondered if there would be anything interesting I could do for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, the bi-annual event… Read more »

This Year’s Christmas Card

Eager to get more content up on this site, I’ve uploaded this year’s Christmas Card, as well as last year’s, and a few more silly pictures with suitably silly captions.

A Christmas Poem

‘Twas Christmas Day, at eleven o’clock, And Birks started drinking, it came as no shock. After downing a pint, with a hic and a cough, He ran down the street taking all his clothes off!

Stupid Slug

I’ve put some cartoons from 1999 up on my cartoon site about a slug, and a little story of why I created them, based on a squeamish episode I had one day.. Go see now. Thank you.