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Freaky Luck

Halloween is a disturbing time, the nights start closing in, the weather generally gets rather cold, grim and depressing, and on one day in particular all things beastly and gruesome happen. This was one of those days, save for an uplifting occurrence that made the day less horrid. It was a dreary Monday morning, well,… Read more »

Comic Relief – Hair Gone Day

For the past two Sport Reliefs I’ve run alongside lots of people to raise money for the charity, and fun it has been. Last year, after I ran 3 miles in Christchurch Park in Ipswich, I wondered if there would be anything interesting I could do for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, the bi-annual event… Read more »

A Christmas Poem

‘Twas Christmas Day, at eleven o’clock, And Birks started drinking, it came as no shock. After downing a pint, with a hic and a cough, He ran down the street taking all his clothes off!

Why a holiday is sometimes not a holiday.

I have a lot going on in the town of Ipswich. I have a full time job, a big lovely social circle, go to the gym a few times a week, and do a fair bit with my art, whether it be my photography, cartoons, or the odd bit of web design. Every few months… Read more »