Brian the Big Limbed Bear

Brian the Big Limbed Bear

There was a bear called Brian,
A peculiar bear he did look.
Big feet, paws and ears he did have,
He looked a bit of a kook.

An elf got drunk while making the bears,
Leaving poor Brian this way.
He stayed at the workshop, too scared to go out,
And the elf was docked a week’s pay.

Then one day the elf, the same elf of course,
Fell into the stuffing machine.
He couldn’t get out, snowed under he was,
Soon to become a has been!

Our Brian dived in to save the daft elf,
He landed on top of the stuffing.
His feet were like boats, so over he walked,
To the elf who was gasping and spluttering.

Brian’s long paws reached all the way down,
To the elf who had turned rather purple.
He lifted him out, to cheers and loud shouts,
Our Brian the bear was a hero!

We all have our quirks, and things we don’t like,
So try not to think it’s a bad thing.
They make us unique, who we are, and it’s good,
As who of us wants to be boring? (Not me!)