Brian the Turkey

Brian the Turkey

Christmas was coming, the snow began to fall,
As Brian the turkey snuck into the hall.

Round and round the house he crept, now his time was near,
He had to get away! Escape! Be anywhere but here!

He didn’t want to go, he thought, as he leapt over the gate,
But if he didn’t leave soon, he’d be served up on a plate!

All was looking good, in the morning they’d find him gone,
But suddenly he froze, as the kitchen lights turned on.

Trapped within a spotlight, poor Brian soon was found,
The farmer looked down and smiled, as he crouched down to the ground.

“Don’t worry there, my feathered friend, I don’t mean you any harm.
We ain’t goin’ to eat you up, we’re different on this farm!”

Picking Brian up, he walked back through the fog,
“It’s not you we’re gonna gobble up, this year we’re eatin’ the dog!”

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