Dave The Miserable Fairy

Dave The Miserable Fairy

Dave was a grumpy man. He didn’t like Christmas. He would never put up any decorations, he never joined in any parties, and carol singers would have pies thrown at them.

One year, after unwrapping their presents of sprouts, coal and sticky tape, Dave’s friends decided to do something. Soon enough, Dave was on Santa’s official Naughty List. Santa had unfortunately been scoffing too many brandy-enriched mince pies, so in a drunken bout of giggles, persuaded the Fairy Godmother to turn Dave into a Fairy.

Dave was incensed, but Santa was resolute. He ordered Dave to fly around the world, to witness families everywhere getting together to enjoy the festive season, and to share joy and love. And so he did.

After a long and moving experience, has it made a difference? Has Dave followed the path of Scrooge and come out embracing the season? Did he thank Santa for showing him the error of his ways?

No. Santa was told to shove it, and ended up with his face covered in reindeer poo.

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