Obey Mary Christmas

Obey Mary Christmas

Mrs Claus was a kind, generous and loving lady, and looked after Santa very well, always spoiling him and making sure he had a fat tum. That was until she got hooked up to the internet, and found out about healthy eating, fitness and general well being.

“Well this won’t do at all!” she cried, and promptly put Santa on a diet, determined to make the rotund gift bearer lose some pounds.
This frustrated poor Santa, who had become accustomed to cakes, pasties, pies and ales as his normal diet, but Mrs Claus had her mind set.

So the Clauses went on a diet of healthy and nutritious food, but Santa had an ace up his sleeve. Mrs Claus had forgotten about all Christmas Eve, and all the mince pies that people leave out for Santa! He was saved!

So, if you want to keep Santa happy, leave a mince pie and a glass of milk out for him before you go to bed on Christmas Eve. Otherwise he’ll cry, and leave you reindeer poo instead of presents.

The End.

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