The Easter Bunny’s Unusual Holiday

The Easter Bunny's Unusual Holiday

The Easter Bunny was a bored little chap,
Cooped up in his warren all alone.
Spring was far off, he had nothing to do,
When suddenly there was a tone..

He popped out of his hole, to find Santa and sleigh,
And a puzzled look on his face.
“Whatever’s the matter?” our bunny asked him,
“I’ve just had a call from my place.”

“There’s too much to do, I’m needed all over.”
“Millions of children to see!”
“What I need is help, to get round everyone,”
“Ooh! Santa Santa! Pick me!!”

Although it was odd, Santa agreed,
The bunny would help out with Christmas.
He took over a grotto and saw lots of kids,
And listened to lots of wish lists.

Despite having long ears, and big shiny teeth,
The children embraced our dear bunny.
They did find it odd how he gave them all eggs,
But generally thought he was funny.

The Easter bunny thought the traditions were strange,
Such as bringing a tree in from outside.
Putting all manner of things on and under it,
And no baskets of eggs he could hide.

The bunny soon returned to his warm little warren,
Settled down and slept until Easter.
When he awoke he found an egg wrapped in tinsel,
With a note that said “Thank you, love Santa.”